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Enable "Run" in Windows Vista PDF Print E-mail
(2 - user rating)
Written by mypchell.com   
If you have Windows Vista you might have noticed that the start menu no longer contains “Run”. Microsoft decided to remove this from default start menu settings in Windows Vista. Thankfully, we can change that with a few quick steps
Change Icons for specific File Types PDF Print E-mail
(5 - user rating)
Written by mypchell.com   
In this guide, we will show you how to change the default icon that is used for various file types. So, for example, instead of having a notepad icon for all text files (which is the default in Windows), you can set the icon to be something different.
Installing Windows XP in 2009 - 14 Post Installation Fixes PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
Installing a fresh copy of Windows XP in the year 2009 (soon to be 2010) requires some additional post-installation setting changes. Why is that? The reason, simply is because Windows XP is over 8 years old now (released in 2001). One of the things that is often not considered is the difference between the world of 2001 and the world of 2009.
PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
If you are a bit more experienced with Windows XP, you probably use the right click on your mouse quite a bit. Personally, I use the right click all the time (my motto is, when in doubt with what to do, try right clicking). While the standard menu options are really all you need, its always nice to make things a bit easier. This guide will show you how to add the option Copy To Folder… to your right click menu.
7 Deadly Sins Of Email -Deadly Sin #1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
Do you want to receive lots of spam email? Do you want to be more likely to get viruses in email? Do you want complete strangers to have easy access to your email address? Do you like reading messages that are full of < < < < at the start of every message?
7 Deadly Sins Of Email -Deadly Sin #2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
Please Note: This update is part of a series, The Seven Deadly Sins of Email, written by Squeezebox. This update includes the 2nd instalment (of seven).

We’ve all been on the receiving end of those jokes and fun type emails, and it’s fine to forward them to your friends and other contacts. But do they really need all the address headers that came with it?

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