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Make Icons Appear Faster PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
By default, when opening My Computer, windows automatically searches for network folders and printers. This can cause a delay in displaying your icons and for most users this setting is not needed.
XP Themes - 4 New Themes PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
Over the past month Microsoft has released a bunch of themes. What kind of themes? Animal Theme, Dog Theme, Historical Monuments Theme, & Nature Theme. There wasn’t much hype or press about these releases so if you weren’t specifically looking for new themes, you probably haven’t heard of or seen any of them.
Minimize Running Programs to Boost Your Available Memory PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
When programs are installed onto your computer, sometimes the program will auto configure itself to auto start whenever you boot your computer. What this does is use up some of your memory resources which does have a pronounced effect on your overall speed...(Continued)
PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
This is a seldom used Windows XP feature that is sure to come in handy (probably when you least suspect it). I’m referring to Mousekeys, which when activated allows you to navigate the mouse cursor using the arrow keys on your keyboard. This type of knowledge can definitely help you out if you are ever in a situation where the mouse is inoperable.

There are a few ways we can open Mousekeys , I will show you 3 different ways…

Click backupreg_01.jpg, then backupreg_02.jpg.

Type control access.cpl,,4


then click backupreg_03.jpg

Here is a 2nd way to open Mousekeys

On your Keyboard Press the following Keys at the same time:



Finally here is the 3rd way to open Mousekeys

Click backupreg_01.jpg, then Go to CONTROL PANEL , then Go to ACCESSIBILITY OPTIONS, then click on the MOUSE Tab

The Mousekeys will open. Depending on how you opened Mousekeys, you either have to check mark the box USE MOUSEKEYS , then click ok. (if you opened Mousekeys using the Left SHIFT+ALT+ NUMLOCK, then all you have to do is hit OK and Mousekeys will start) Once the Mousekeys is running simply use the arrow keys located on your numeric keypad (8 is up, 2 is down, 4 is left, and 6 is right).


To move the cursor simply tap on the arrows in the numeric keypad (if you hold down one of the arrows, it will move the cursor faster).

You will probably notice that the cursor moves incredibly slow, so one other thing I do is, when I open Mousekeys, I go into the Settings and adjust the speed all the way up.


Here is what you need to know to navigate with Mousekeys:

  • To move up, tap or hold down the 8 key on your numeric keypad

  • To move down, tap or hold down the 2 key on your numeric keypad

  • To move right, tap or hold down the 6 key on your numeric keypad

  • To move left, tap or hold down the 4 key on your numeric keypad

  • To Click on something, Hit the 5 key on your numeric keypad

  • To double-click, press the plus sign (+) on your numeric keypad

  • To right-click, press the minus sign (-) on your numeric keypad

  • To drag something, move the cursor to the item you want to drag then press the Insert key. Then to release the item hit the Delete key.

Customize The Title Text for Internet Explorer PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
Want to add a personal touch to your browser? This guide will show you how to change the default text in Internet Explorer’s title bar to anything you want. So you could have it read – John’s Crappy Internet Browser.
Locate the Windows Product Key on the XP Installation CD PDF Print E-mail
(2 - user rating)
Written by mypchell.com   
Imagine the following scenario: your Windows XP system somehow becomes unbootable and after exhausting all possible fixes, you determine that you are going to have to wipe your hard drive and start over with a fresh install of Windows XP. You look and find your Windows XP CD in your ...(Continued)

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