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How to Create and Use Excel Templates PDF Print E-mail
Written by Squeezebox   
A template is a file that serves as a starting point for a new document. When you open a template, it is pre-formatted in some way. It will be ready for the user to enter data/text into a form, spreadsheet or document that has been already set up to provide a uniform style and format.
Windows Live Mail Desktop PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
These are screenshots of Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta, which was a unexpected release on 7/19/06. This program will be the replacement for Outlook Express. If you are interested and want to try out Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta, I suggest you head over to the Microsoft website and join the Beta and download...(Continued)
Fix An Unbootable XP with Last Known Good Configuration PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
If your computer does not boot into Windows Properly, there exists an easy option to fix the problem at your disposal. Using the Windows Advanced Options Menu to boot from the Last Known Good Configuration
Test Your Windows XP Security PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
Security is becoming more and more important as new viruses and worms (Lovesan Worm, Blaster Worm...etc) keep being unleashed. That's why it's important to make sure your system is protected.
Fix a Unbootable Windows XP PDF Print E-mail
(1 - user rating)
Written by mypchell.com   
If Windows XP does not start, and you receive one of those lovely Blue Screens (also known as BSOD - Blue Screen of Death), then you will definitely want to pay attention to this guide because it could be your saving grace. This fix has saved me from a reformat and reinstall so many times.
Bookmarks - Scan For Dead Links PDF Print E-mail
Written by mypchell.com   
Attention: This tip is one that you will definitely want to read up about. It addresses a problem that has irritated me (and I'm sure it has irritated you) for quite a long time. The problem is keeping your internet favorites (ie. Bookmarks) more organized by deleting out old ones that no longer work.

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